8 Creative Arrangements for your Indoor Plants

Creative Arrangements for Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are easy answers to your lack of having a fancy outdoor garden. Apart from helping you bring a balance to the atmosphere, these beautiful indoor plants also give a luxurious feeling to your home. While bringing plants at home, you must think of the space in your living room and the type of plant. Always remember to buy the fuss-free and low-maintenance plants because they will not demand much sunlight or water and thus you can play with them creatively to suit the look and attitude of your room.

Here are some creative indoor plant arrangement ideas that you can consider:

Plant along the Staircase?

plant along stairs

Stairs are concrete ladders to climb up. They are not meant to be beautiful but you can add beauty to these stairs by placing plants on them. Place the plants on alternative stairs or place them on all stairs in a criss cross manner. Use small foliage plants or cactus & succulents for your stairs to make them look attractive.

Hanging Plants Instead of Chandelier

hanging plants

Chandeliers look lovely when you have a spacious living room. But in this alarming time of high pollution, replace your chandelier with hanging plants. It will boost the whole look of your home. Oxygen will be abundant apart from the gorgeous look.

Vertical Garden Inside Home

vertical garden

It’s great if you have a vertical garden outside your home along the walls. You can also grow a vertical garden inside your home. Use creative planters with emoji designs and place cute indoor plants inside them. Dedicate a whole wall to these emoji planters and watch your green friends grow.

Sit under a Tree

Sit under a Tree

Yes, you can grow a tree indoors and enjoy the luxury of sitting under it and enjoying a book. There are plants like Parlor Palm, Dracaena, Umbrella Papyrus, etc. which have big leaves. They would perfectly suit your indoor atmosphere. Bring these plants inside and place it beside your sofa.

Living Room With Tropical Theme

tropical theme for living room

If you love the tropical climate and love the tropical flowers, fruits, and weather, then, you can decorate your living room keeping the tropical biodiversity. Amazon Elephant’s Ear, Dumbs Cane, Bromeliads, Rose, Anthuriums, Bamboo plants, etc. are some of the examples that you can place at various spots in your living room and add to its “tropical” personality. Give attention to the areas near the sofa, along the boundaries of your wall, centre table, etc. and fill it up with attention-grabbing tropical trees and plants. Add the beautiful wallpapers of parrots, toucans, peacocks, flying fox, spider monkey, etc. and add more life to your room.

Climbing Plants for your Swing

climbing plants for your swing

If you have a spacious balcony and you have a swing there, why not place a climbing plant on it. The chain from which it is hanging and the borders of your swing will look bright and beautiful with this green touch.

Light & Plant Décor for Balcony

light and plants

The balcony is an important part of all modern-day home and that can also be called a substitute to lawns and gardens. You would want to relax in your balcony and that’s why it should be decorated creatively. Place colourful fairy lights or colourful bulbs and hanging plants alternatively. You can hang the plants upside down or keep them normally – both ways your balcony will look unique and lively.

Customized Planters for Various Places

Customized Planters for Various Places

If it’s the bookshelf that you want to decorate, get a planter that looks like an open book and use them as bookends (of course, you have to buy 2 of them). When you have to decorate the coffee table, then, use a planter that looks like a cookie or has a print of coffee on it. If you are hosting a desert theme party at your place, then, decorate with cactus by placing them in a large bowl of sand. If you are planning to add greenery in your kitchen, then, use the old cans to hold your green friends. This way, every specific place in your home will speak your story through the plants.

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