Interesting Ideas To Keep In Touch With Long-Distance Family

Ideas to stay in touch with long distance family

The dictionary meaning of distance is- the length of the space between two points. But in actual, the distance between you and your long-distance family members is not restricted to the number of miles that keep you apart. It has a great emotional significance that makes you yearn for their presence, touch, infinite love, and care. Being away from your family can be painful at times. You miss not being able to share your special moments with them. Or not being there when they need you the most. And sometimes this pain turns into guilt that makes you hate the physical distance even more.

Let us tell you, being away from your family doesn’t mean you can’t stay close to them. With a little bit of creativity and effort, you can find out ways to stay connected to your long-distance family. Read further to get an idea of how to stay in touch with long-distance family and strengthen your relationship.

Call Them Regularly

Nothing can beat the charm of good, old-fashioned phone calls, which is an excellent and easiest way to stay connected to your long-distance family members. It only takes dialling a few digits of your cell phone and you can hear the voice of your loved ones living in another part of the world. Make it a habit to call them once a day to ask about their well-being and share what is new in your life. It will show that you are making efforts to break the physical barriers that will bring them closer to you.

Stay Connected Through Mobile Apps

There are many apps that only require the click of a button and let you communicate with your loved ones. Through these apps, you can call or video chat with family members, share pictures, videos, and send instant text messages. You can share every small and big achievement of life with your dear ones through these apps so that they don’t feel missed out.

Plan Trips Together

Taking trips with your family members and relatives is a great way to stay connected and share the best adventures of life. Be it a weekend getaway or a week-long trip, you can pick the place where neither of you has been so that the experience is new and similar for both. Communicate the date and time clearly to start from your respective places for a fun-filled and extravagant vacation ahead.

Surprise with Gifts

Gifting is a great gesture to convey heartfelt feelings for your loved ones and show how much they mean to you. You may not be able to accompany your long-distance family members on their special occasions but you can surprise them with lovely presents to show how deeply you care. Be it your dad’s promotion party, Mother’s Day, sister’s graduation day or Valentine’s Day, a heartfelt note sent along with a fabulous gift will convey your best wishes to them in a thoughtful way.

Visit Each Other Often

When it seems you can’t bear the brunt of staying apart from your loved ones anymore, visiting them is a feasible option. Take turns to visit each other. It will allow you to see your family members physically and witness what goes on in their lives on a daily basis. During your visit, you can go out for movies or dinners and plan get-togethers to make the most of the time you get to spend with your family members.

Write Each Other Letters

Writing letters in the age of the Internet might seem a little bit old school but it never fails to leave a lasting impression on people. If you stay away from your family in a different city/country, then communicating with handwritten letters is a great idea. There can’t be anything better than receiving a mail, opening the letter with bare hands, and reading the thoughtful words penned down by your loved ones. The feeling will transport your loved one’s senses to a parallel universe and make them feel closer to you.?

Trying out these ways will show your family members that you are putting efforts to keep the relationship alive and strengthen your relationship.


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