Not To Be Missed Newly Launched Birthday Cakes

Not To Be Missed Newly Launched Birthday Cakes

Logically, a birthday is a chance to celebrate the day you were born. But there are a lot many emotions associated with this special day that comes once in a year. The birthday celebration is all about having a fun time with people who complete your world. Getting pampered with their unconditional love, wishes, and gifts are additional perks of birthday celebrations. But one important thing without which a birthday party can never be considered complete is – a cake.

A cake is a soft and creamy, sweet treat that makes the environment at a party more fun and exciting. All the people present at the birthday party eagerly wait for the cake cutting ceremony. To help you add more fun and sweetness to your birthday celebrations, Ferns N Petals presents a tempting range of newly launched birthday cakes online.

Read on to know more about these mouth-watering sweet delights.

Chocolate Cake with 5 Star

This yummy chocolate cream cake has 5-star chocolates as the topping and embellished with rainbow sprinkles and stars. The cake tastes as delicious as it looks that you can order online for a friend or family member’s birthday. The guests at the party would want to taste the cake as soon as they set their eyes on it. With every bite, the cake will unleash the goodness of cream and chocolate.

Creamy Carrot Cake

This utterly delicious and moist carrot cake is adorned with three carrots at the top and almond flakes on the sides. For someone who loves munching carrots, this will make a perfect birthday cake. The creamy flavour and nutritional value of carrots make this cake a perfect amalgamation of taste and health.

Rosy Chocolate Cream Cake

Adorned with pretty roses at the top, this chocolate cream cake is an absolute delight for eyes and taste buds. Roses are the symbol of love and chocolate cake with edible roses is best to surprise your lady love on her birthday. Her eyes will be hooked to this heavenly sweet delight and the flavour will be etched in her memory forever.

Gems Sprinkled Caramel Cake

This caramel walnut cake is sprinkled with gems which will surely take you down the memory lane and let relive the old childhood days. With its exciting flavour, the cake will lure your taste buds and leave you asking for more. Be it your teen daughter’s birthday party or little cousin’s birthday celebration, this gem sprinkled caramel cake will make a perfect treat for their special day.

Crunchy Almond Flakes Cake

This scrumptious almond flavoured cake topped with almond flakes is a visual treat that will tingle your taste buds. This rich, nutty, crunchy, and incredibly moist cake will melt-in-your-mouth instantly and offer a sweet rush. If you are in search of cake for birthday of a friend or loved one who is a health freak and loves munching almonds, then this cake is the best option to make them happy on their special day.

These freshly baked and gorgeous-looking cakes are a must-have to make your loved one’s birthday celebrations special and memorable.

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